When I look at most Industrial LCD manufacturers, their LCD monitor ranges are very limited: they typically only produce a handful of different monitor sizes, and each size typically only has one or two configurations of inputs (usually VGA + DVI). In addition, the only option that can be selected is often the type of touch screen overlay (e.g. Resistive or Capacitive or none). This is usually so that the monitors can be cheaply manufactured and stocked – fewer models means less stock to keep throughout the distribution chain. It is then hoped that people who want something slightly different will just go with the nearest model,  and make do with a compromise. Hence most manufacturers have already decided that they cannot “please everyone” and they only go for the models that they believe have the largest market. However, in our experience there are lots of organisations out there needing industrial LCD monitors with vastly different
Stainless SmartChassis IP66 Industrial LCD Monitor
combinations of sizes and options. For example an army vehicle application could need a fully sealed, ruggedised stainless steel 20″ monitor with HDMI inputs and vehicle rated power connections, and a capacitive touch screen. However for marine use the same monitor would need to have an external dimming control added to it, and the capacitive touch screen would not suit marine use due to the presence of water drops.  If we then look at a mine site needing security screens, a panel mounting industrial LCD monitor would be a better fit, with built-in PC and no touch screen at all. Hence every application has a unique combination of needs, with combinations of several features. The features and options can include any of the following:
  • Screen size and aspect ratio
  • Casing material
  • Screen resolution
  • LCD brightness and backlight type
  • Inputs (eg. VGA / HDMI / composite video etc)
  • Power input – mains / DC / vehicle rated
  • Mechanical shape and mounting – enclosed casing / panel mount with bezel / open frame without bezel etc
  • Touch screen type – Resistive / Capacitive / SAW / Vandal proof etc
At CyberVisuell we have created our range of Industrial LCD Monitors with the aim to “please everyone” by offering a huge range of sizes and options. This could only be achieved by carefully designing the monitors to be modular, with the same parts able to be used in various combinations to build a monitor for each customer’s exact need.  But what about the lead time, you might ask? Our factory keeps the majority of modular components in stock, so we can usually get a monitor built, tested and dispatched in a matter of days, and using our air freight partners the monitors can often reach the end user within 2 weeks of order date.